Top 5 Hallmark Fall Harvest Movies RANKED

Nothing gets me more in the seasonal spirit than a Hallmark movie. They have a way of creating the most gorgeous sets and inspiring me to participate in ALL the seasonal activities. Most people think that prime Hallmark movie season is winter (well, because Hallmark Christmas Movies) but I argue Hallmark Fall Harvest movies are just as good — if not better! The beautiful foliage, fall treats, and pumpkin patches make me want to throw on a flannel and jump in a pile of leaves. I’m telling you, Fall Harvest is where it’s at. I’ve rounded up the best 5 Fall Harvest movies and ranked them in order, starting with the best! I hope you feel inspired to make a cup of warm apple cider and download the FrndlyTV app or Hallmark Movies Now and start streaming these fall favorites.

On Location - Sweet Autumn

1. Sweet Autumn (2020)

This movie just premiered last weekend but it’s officially my favorite Fall Harvest movie to date! It takes place in Brattleboro, VT (where I just went two weeks ago!) and follows Maggie and Dex, an unlikely pair who inherit a local candy store from Maggie’s late Aunt Dee. Each owning 50% of the store, they argue about whether they should take the candy store international or keep it a local treasure. This movie is a bit of a tearjerker, as wise Aunt Dee leaves letters behind for both Dex and Maggie, knowing that they would eventually find a partner in one another. Having recently lost my grandfather, this movie’s portrayal of love and loss actually felt more authentic than the typical Hallmark movie, which I appreciated. It also made me want to buy maple candies ASAP. If you watch this movie, you might learn how to tap a tree and make maple syrup from a scratch using just snow and a popsicle stick.

On Location - Love, Fall & Order

2. Love, Fall and Order (2019)

Before the 2020 premieres, this movie was ranked my #1 Fall Harvest movie because it’s SO aesthetically pleasing, the dialogue is quick, and the plot is fun and lighthearted. This movie follows lawyers Claire and Patrick who find themselves back in their hometown, where they were once academic rivals. Patrick is helping his aunt sue a neighbor over a land dispute, in hopes to get his aunt some viable land to grow her flowers for her shop. The neighbor happens to be Claire’s father. As they prepare to face each other in court, they also get reacquainted and learn to appreciate one another for the smart, caring people that they are. There are also pumpkin donuts, leaf peeping, caramel apples, hay rides, and a fall festival! It is the perfect cozy fall movie.

Autumn in the Vineyard

3. Autumn in the Vineyard (2016)

This movie makes you want to open up a bottle of your best full-bodied red! The children of two local family rivals, Frankie and Nate are set on making their own marks in the wine business by purchasing their own vineyards. With both of their eyes set on Sorrento Farm, they run into an issue of ownership when they find out they both have a claim to the land. Their solution? Live together and split the property in half; whosever half yields the best crop and produces the best wine wins the property. With gorgeous views of Napa vineyards and excellent staging of wine poured in stemmed glasses, this movie’s aesthetic whisks you away to wine country. It makes you appreciate the work that goes into tending the grapes just as much as the harvest itself. Plus there’s the simple love story and inevitable happy ending. Pour yourself a tall glass, put up your feet, and enjoy this cozy Fall Harvest classic.

Media From the Heart by Ruth Hill | “October Kiss” Hallmark Movie Review

4. October Kiss (2015)

This is the most Halloween-esque Fall Harvest movie on Hallmark; there is a lot of build up to the candy, scary decorations, and homemade costumes. Introduce Poppy: a free spirit who is finding it difficult to settle on one job. She’s notorious for working temp jobs and happens to land her first nannying gig when her sister recommends her to a single dad, Ryan. Poppy starts nannying for Ryan’s two children, who are rather rambunctious and set on getting their dad’s attention at any cost — especially by torturing their nannies. Everyone is surprised when Poppy actually hits it off with the kids and helps them forge a better relationship with their father. As Poppy transforms his family, Ryan ends up falling for her, too. I love Poppy’s character in this movie, especially her dialogue, as well as the Halloween scenes. I’m never one to decorate for Halloween, but this movie makes me want to buy some spooky decorations and go crazy! I also love a clever homemade costume idea, which this movie is full of!

Its a Wonderful Movie - Your Guide to Family and Christmas Movies on TV:  Falling for You - a Hallmark Channel Fall Harvest Original Movie!

5. Falling for You (2018)

My last pick of my favorite Fall Harvest movies, Falling for You stars one of my favorite Hallmark actresses, Taylor Cole. She plays Lacey, the manager of a local radio, who is set on saving the radio from going under by hosting a fundraising event: a bachelor bake-off. Zac, a tech-savvy businessman, arrives in town just in time for the bake-off and Lacey convinces him to sign on as one of the bachelor bakers. Apparently so addicted to his tech and his work, Zac is distracted for many of their initial interactions. However, when Lacey teaches him how to bake, he learns how special she really is. This movie is great to watch in September or early fall, since there’s so many apples — apple orchards, apple-picking, apple pies! It reminds me of the beginning of the fall season and eases us into full-on pumpkin spice mode. It is a sweet (pun-intended) and light-hearted movie that still deserves a spot on this top 5 list.

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